Creating a Quote

We covered Creating a Client in the last walk-through. This time, we are going to create a quote. In Acrual, a quote belongs to a client so it is necessary to have created a client first. A quote allows you to collate all needed data together such as estimates, inclusions and exclusions, briefs and client details.

To create a quote, click the Quotes link in the main menu. Doing this will take you to the quotes section and you will be presented with a list of all quotes. To create a quote, click the green Add Quote button.

You will be taken to the add quote form which will have fields for all details about the quote. Fields with a red * (asterisk) are required. The Client field allows you to select the client that you created in Creating a Client. The Due field allows you to select a date that the quote is due for submission to the client. This will appear on the Dashboard to remind you to submit it. Quotes can have one of a several statuses assigned, they are detailed below

  • New - The quote has been added to Acrual but has not had any work performed on it such as estimating
  • In Progress - The quote is currently being worked on
  • Pending - The quote has been submitted to the client and is pending their response
  • Won - The quote has been won
  • Lost - The quote has been lost
  • Voided - The quote has been cancelled or voided. This status should only be used before the quote is submitted to the client and you decide it is not going to be finished. Voided quotes do not count towards a users win/loss ratio

Of course you can assign a meaning to each status within you Business to suit your needs. The address fields just correspond to the location of the project you are quoting and can be left blank.

Once you have finished entering all the details for the quote, click the green Save Quote button. You will then be taken to the view quote page which shows all the details that you just entered. You will also notice that the quote has been given a number e.g. Q0005. This number is used across Acrual when referring to quotes and will also be displayed on the final quote.

Now that we have a quote, we are ready to start estimating it. Next, read Estimating Basics to cover the basics of estimating, or Generating a Quote to cover the process of printing a Quote.