Generating a Quote

Generating a Quote is the process of taking a Quote that has been Estimated, and creating a printable revision.

A Quote can have many revisions which is useful for tracking modifications of the Quote, perhaps if several versions were sent to the client. A revision is needed to print the Quote as it creates a snapshot of the Quote at this current time.

Generating a revision of the Quote is a simple process. Simply view the Quote by clicking the link in the navigation menu, or find it in the Quotes list.

Once you are viewing the Quote, click the View Quote button and select Create First Revision.

You will then be taken to the Create Quote Revision page where you can enter details about the Quote to print out. This page has a series of tabs such as Details, Quote Layout, Inclusions / Exclusions and so on. These tabs each have different types of details that will be shown on the Quote.

The Details tab shows text fields for the Brief and Summary. The Brief is shown at the start of the Quote and normally contains any introductory information. The Summary is shown at the end of the Quote and contains any closing information. The Details tab also has a checkbox for Creating a New Revision. If this is checked, a new revision will be created, otherwise the previous revision will be overwritten. If this is the first revision, this will need to be checked. Please note that a default Brief and Summary can be entered in the Settings and will automatically be used for all new Quotes.

The Quote Layout tab has details such as what detail level to show on the Quote and which Sections to show on the Quote. The Detail Level to Show on Quote field allows you to select what items are shown on the Quote and works as follows:

  • Categories - Only show the Categories on the Quote
  • Sections - Show Categories and their Sections on the Quote
  • Section Items - Show Categories, Sections and their modules, labour, materials and quotes
  • All Items - Show Categories, Sections and their labour, materials and quotes, along with all the labour and materials from modules

The Show Sections on Quote field allows you to select which Sections will be displayed on the Quote. This allows you to hide Sections from the Quote, perhaps if the Quote has optional items and you wish to give the client a Quote with and without the item. Please note that hidden items are not included in the Quote total value.

The Inclusions / Exclusions tab allows you to enter a list of inclusions and exclusions for your Quote. These will be displayed as bullet points.

The Quote, Client and Contact tabs allow you to enter in details about the Quote, Client and Contact associated with this Quote. If you enter Contact details, the Quote will be attentioned to that person.

Once you have finished entering details for the Quote, click the green Create Revision button. Don't worry, if you have made a mistake, you can come back later and create another revision. Acrual will remember most details from the last revision for this Quote.

Once clicking the Create Revision button, you will be presented with the printable revision of this Quote. It will look something like the following.

You can easily download this Quote as a PDF using the download button, or print it by clicking the print button.

You now have a Quote that you can send to your client that can win!