Connecting to MYOB

Acrual supports connecting to MYOB AccountRight to automatically synchronise invoices from Acrual to MYOB.

Once setup, every invoice that is created and edited will automatically be synchronised across to MYOB behind the scenes.

Setting Up the Connection

To get started setting up the connection, head to the Settings page in the sidebar


Once on the Settings page, head to the Connections tab.


On this tab, you will find the MYOB AccountRight setup box, click Setup Connection.


You should see the following message on this page, if you see a different message, your Acrual account may have already been setup with a connection to MYOB.


Click the Connect to MYOB button and follow the login process to your MYOB AccountRight Live account. Once completing the login process, you should be returned back to Acrual and see the following message.


This means that your account is now connected properly to MYOB. The final step is to fill out the Connection Settings panel below the status message. You will need to ensure all fields are filled out correctly and that you select the correct Company File (if you have more than one).

Please note: the Company File Password may be different to the password you just entered in the previous step to connect MYOB. This password is the password you use everyday to access the company file in MYOB AccountRight.


Testing the Connection

With the connection setup, and the Connection Settings panel completed, the connection should now be active and working. Please ensure that the status message at the top of the MYOB Connection Settings page says that everything is working correctly before proceeding.

Now it is just a matter of creating or editing an invoice in Acrual to see it synchronise across to MYOB. There are a few things to note with the way this connection works:

  • Acrual will search your MYOB company file for a Card which matches the Client name in Acrual. If it is unable to find one, it will create a new Card in MYOB to attach the Invoice to. If this is undesirable, you can update the Client name in Acrual, or the Card name in MYOB to match  each other, and future changes will synchronise correctly.
  • Any Invoices created prior to the Sync Start Date on the MYOB Connection Settings page will be excluded from the synchronisation, even if they are edited after the connection is setup. If you wish to synchronise these Invoices, you will need to change this date.
  • Any Invoices created through the synchronisation process will be assigned to the Account specified under Invoice Sales Account on the MYOB Connection Settings page.