Right-click on Apple Mac/OSX

Right-clicking on OSX is a little harder due to the Operating System not enabling right-click by default. This can be enabled in the system settings as shown below.

Changing this setting shouldn't cause any issues, however we take no responsibility if it does, follow this guide at your own risk. Contact your IT Professional for advice if unsure.

The first step is to go into the System Preferences on OSX. This can be done by clicking the Apple symbol in the top left of the screen and selecting System Preferences.

Now select Trackpad or Mouse depending on if you have an iMac or MacBook.

The Trackpad settings are shown below. Make sure you enable Secondary Click (right-click). You can pick any of the three options, whichever you feel most comfortable with using.

For a mouse, it is a similar process.

You should now be able to right-click using the method that you selected in the Trackpad/Mouse settings. If you have any issues please contact your IT Professional, this guide is only provided for reference.