Estimate Reports

After adding some items to a Quote, you can run Reports on that Estimate. This can be done while being in the Estimate module. Next to the Quote Contents heading, there is a Reports menu. This contains many Reports which can be run on your Estimate. Please note that Reports will be run for the selected item in the Quote Contents panel. E.g. If you have selected a Section in the Quote Contents panel, only that Section will be shown in the Report. To show the whole Quote, select the Quote at the top of the Quote Contents panel.

When selecting a type of Report, it will load and open in the Report Viewer. The Report Viewer generates a PDF version of the Report. This can be easily downloaded by clicking the download button in the Report Viewer. Alternatively, you can print the Report by clicking the print button in the Report Viewer. Click the large red X to close the Report Viewer.

These are the types of reports and what they show:

  • Detailed Reports - These show all items of the selected item in detail
    • Modules - Show all modules in the selected item
    • Labour - Show all labour items in the selected item
    • Materials - Show all material items in the selected item
    • All Items - Show all items in the selected item
  • Summary Reports - These show a summary of Sections or Categories
    • Sections - Show all Sections in the selected item
    • Categories - Show all Categories in the selected item
  • Section Reports - These show particular details of Sections
    • Labour by Section - Shows all labour items in the selected item, broken up by Section and type of labour item

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