How to Estimate

If you're looking for a video version of how to estimate, check out this video showing how to estimate a small kitchenette. If you'd prefer to read instead, keep scrolling down for the full guide.

Estimating is as simple as dragging and dropping. You can easily add items from your Library into any Section in your Quote. Firstly, select a Section in the Quote Contents panel. You will then see the contents of this Section in the Breakdown panel like below.

Once you have selected a Section, you can drag in any Module, Labour or Material item from the Library, to the Breakdown area. Alternatively, you can also right click on any library item and select Add to Quote which will do the exact same as drag and dropping. When dragging an item, the Breakdown area will highlight to show where you can drop the item.

When adding an item to the Quote, the Quantity field will automatically be selected in the Breakdown view. This allows you to easily modify the quantity of the most recently added item. You can also click on the quantity value of any item in the Breakdown to edit it's quantity. Simply press Enter or click anywhere else to save the new quantity.

You can easily create new Categories and Sections by right clicking on either the Quote in the Contents panel or an existing Category in the Contents panel. Then select Create Category/Section depending on which one you are trying to create.

You can also edit the name or description of any Category or Section by right clicking it and selecting Edit Category/Section.

It is possible to delete any item that has been added to the Quote by right clicking the item and selecting Delete *Item* where *Item* is the type of item you are deleting.

You can also do a similar operation for renaming and copying. After copying an item, you will need to paste it by right clicking the parent item and selecting paste.

That covers the basics for Estimating a Quote. Next, read Estimate Reports.