Creating a Client

Now that you are familiar with the Acrual interface and concepts, we are going to take our first step in using Acrual.

Clicking the Clients link in the main menu will take you to the clients section. This section has a list of all clients for your Business. At the top of the page, it also has an Actions widget. This Actions widget is used commonly in Acrual and contains actions for the current page or item you are viewing. In this case, you are able to add a new client by clicking the green Add Client button.

Once you have clicked the Add Client button, you will be presented with a form like below. Fill out the fields that you wish to save for that client. Note that fields with a red * (asterisk) next to them are required. Once you have completed entering details, click the green Save Client button.

Now that you have added the client, you will be taken to the view client page. This shows all the details for the client you just added. You will notice that the client will now appear in the clients list as well.

Clients can be edited at a later point in time by clicking the blue Edit Client button on the clients list, or when viewing a client.

This concludes the process of viewing clients, adding a client and editing clients.

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