Navigating Acrual

Navigating Acrual is easy and you can access most areas in 3 or less clicks. The blue menu on the left is the primary navigation and has shortcuts to each section of Acrual.

Each item on the menu has a specific purpose

  • Dashboard - This link will take you to the dashboard which is shown when you first log in.
  • Clients - Contains all information about your clients
  • Quotes - A list of all your quotes and related information. Also allows you to perform actions for quotes like printing
  • Estimate - Perform estimating on a quote
  • Jobs - This lists all your current and past jobs
  • Project - Contains project management tasks
  • Purchasing - Place purchase orders for any jobs and track existing orders
  • Suppliers - A list of all suppliers
  • Timesheets - Manage timesheets for employees
  • Invoicing - Add and manage invoices and progress claims for jobs
  • Reports - Contains a variety of reports like estimate vs actual, quotes lists, jobs lists and quotes per employee
  • Settings - Your Business settings can be modified by the Settings item at the bottom of the menu. This contains everything from your Business name and address right through to default text for quotes and invoices

The three drop down menus in the top right show your Active Quote, Active Job and your User Profile. A user profile was created for you when you created your Acrual account.

In Acrual, you have an Active Quote and Job. This means that when you go to sections such as Estimating, Purchasing, Invoicing and Reporting, Acrual will automatically know which quote or job you are working with. The Active Quote or Job can be changed by clicking the two drop down menus in the top right corner and selecting another quote or job.

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