The Dashboard

The dashboard is the starting page in Acrual when you first log in. The dashboard shows an overview of some of the key metrics of your Business. It has a list of all upcoming quotes, a chart of recent quotes values and a chart of the combined value of all quotes for the past and future 6 months.

The dashboard is pictured below.

Each widget in the dashboard has specific benefits as below

  • Quotes Due Soon - This is a list of all quotes that are due soon. It shows the amount of time before the quote is due and also the date. It also displays overdue quotes and shows how long overdue the quote is.
  • Recent Quotes - This chart shows the values of recent quotes allowing you to compare the values of labour, materials and sub-quotes components of each quote.
  • Quotes Won - This chart shows the total value of all quotes that are won for each month, 6 months before and after the current month. This chart makes it easy to predict your Businesses income from your won quotes.

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